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Prayer to Jesus for an ever-growing love to his Mother Mary

Prayer to Jesus for an ever-growing love to his Mother Mary


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Pray for us !!!

  This is a beautiful prayer sent to us from Monsignor Florian Kolfhaus who serves at the Secretariat of State’s Section for the Relation with States at the Holy See (Vatican). He is our guest contributor to Canadian Catechist. We are so very grateful for his wonderful contributions to our little web page. Here is the prayer that the good Monsignor wrote and that I have said myself. You can find his books here.

Prayer to Jesus for an ever-growing love to his Mother Mary 

 Blessed are You, Jesus, for having Mary!

She, beautiful as the moon and radiant as the sun, is Your Mother.

Her eyes are like those of an innocent child,

Her lips overflow with words of love,

Her radiant smile banishes all shadows of fear and sadness.

How often have You repeated:

“You are all beautiful Mary, no blemish is in You.”

Blessed are You, Jesus, for having Mary!

You are the only Son, that the woman could have chosen,

To be conceived and carried under Her heart,

To nourish You with Her bosom and to caress You in Her embrace.

You have left heaven to live in this earthly paradise;

That You Yourself had prepared.

She is truly Your joy and Your beatitude.

Blessed are You, Jesus, for having Mary!

30 long years You could live in the house of the Virgin

And experience the joy of Her familiarity;

Even though You are the omniscient God, You were pleased,

To be by Her side and to learn from Her.

Yes, because You are the Holy God, You took joy in

Seeing Her virtues day by day

And to marvel at the purity of Her life.

Blessed are You, Jesus, for having Mary!

When You climbed up Golgotha, she was by Your side!

Just as the first man sought companionship,

So You as the new Adam have found a companion

To fulfill Your work of salvation.

As You called for Your Father in the darkness of the cross,

Your Mother was there.

As the devil wounded Your heel, She crushed his head;

Just as a worried woman crushes the head of a scorpion,

That stalks Her child.

And just in this moment, when they took all from You,

You gave to me the most precious treasure of Your life,

By giving me this wonderful woman as Mother.

Blessed am I, Jesus, to have Mary!

Through Her, o God, You became my brother.

With Her, o Lord, You have redeemed me a sinner.

She is, o Jesus, our paradise, our beatitude our true joy.

Both of us – me and You – are truly Her children.

 I wished I were You, o Jesus.

I do not long for raising the dead, healing the sick

And walking on water, as You did.

I do not wish to reign over angels and men,

And to judge the nations one day.

I do not want to be praised and exulted

Or worshipped and glorified as God.

No, I just wish to be Jesus,

To love our Mother, as You did.

The two of us are Her children, but only You love Her, as She deserves it,

Only You give Her the honor that fits Her.

I wish, I were You, o Jesus,

To love Her with the infinite power of God,

Who became himself recipient of Mary’s love and tenderness.

I wish I were You, o Jesus,

To crown Her with all the glory of the heavens,

Since whatever I think and say about Her

Is much too little in vision of Her beauty and greatness.

Yes, I wish so dearly to be You, o Jesus,

To never hurt the heart of my Mother by my sins.


You have kept Mary from the sins of the forefathers

And have given Her the plenitude of graces;

You have adorned Her soul with all divine and human virtues

And never allowed for the evil adversary to come close to Her, even though he tempted You

You have died to lead Her, the immaculate one, to heaven without death.

You have raised Her to be queen of angels and men,

To have Her enthroned in eternity by Your side.

How can I not rejoice about all the great, that You have done unto Mary?

Jesus, let me love my and Your Mother, as You love Her.

Give me the crown in my hand that You want to place on Her head.

Speak through my mouth all of the loving words, that You want to tell Her.

Use me as Your means to honor Her the way, that You alone are able to.

Teach me to imitate You in everything fully,

With what You want to make Her happy.

Lend me Your divine heart, to love Mary,

And give Her my heart

That she shall own just as it belongs to You.

Jesus; grant me the great grace to be truly a child of Your Mother.


        In JM+JT,


   Happy Feast Day of   Our Lady of Mount Carmel !!!