The Twelfth Article of the Apostles’ Creed

Life Everlasting

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The Twelfth Article of the Apostles’ Creed

Before I try and give a short catechesis on The Twelfth Article of the Apostles’ Creed  I want to let my readers know that I have been having my own struggles about the direction that many in the hierarchy have been trying to steer Christ’s Ship. I know that many are in the same Boat as I am, and at times, I admit that I have been looking at the height of the waves and watching the storm instead of holding on to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. I have had to be careful about reading too much of the Catholic news and blogs, and it has helped greatly! One thing that pains me greatly is the confusion and scandal that this current pope has caused with real faithful Catholics. It is not right. I could go on and on about the damage that he has done, but I won’t, that is not my job here, I’m going to share with you the  ENTIRETY of TRUTH  with CHARITY and CLARITY, the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST! My job and vocation is to be a loving husband to my wife, a loving father to my four beautiful children, and an arrow to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. That’s right, an arrow. Everything I say and do should be like an arrow sign directing souls to Christ and His Church. I think we are all called to be  “arrows”  in a sense.

The first question in many real catechisms goes something like this: What is the purpose of life, or why are we born? The answer is: to praise (to know), reverence (love), and serve God. That’s it folks, the answer to the timeless question is answered on the first page of a grade one catechism. So how  better to praise (know), reverence (love), and serve God than to be a sign post, or an arrow pointing to God? Yes, I admit, that sometimes the arrow has pointed in different directions, even to myself, but it’s supposed to ALWAYS be pointed towards Christ and HIS Church!     BE AN ARROW!


 Now comes the important stuff, The Twelfth Article of The Apostles’ Creed, Life Everlasting. One of the most important elements to try and get through to my readers is the idea of everlasting or eternal life. Jesus says it best here in the Gospel of St John Chapter 17:1-3 here “[1] These things Jesus spoke, and lifting up his eyes to heaven, he said: Father, the hour is come, glorify thy Son, that thy Son may glorify thee. [2] As thou hast given him power over all flesh, that he may give eternal life to all whom thou hast given him. [3] Now this is eternal life: That they may know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. ”  WOW!  EVERYTHING we NEED to know about eternal life is written in these three verses! Please take some time to meditate on these three verses. From our baptism to Eternal Life, life everlasting, that’s what this life, our life should be all about. Reaching the goal of spending ETERNITY with God.

This is our hope and the promise that Jesus has given us! It is why we get baptized to begin with. It all is supposed to come full circle; that we begin with God in baptism and that we end up with God in Eternal Life!

This is some more from Holy Scripture taken from the Book of Revelation Chapter 21: 3-4  ” [3] And I heard a great voice from the throne, saying: Behold the tabernacle of God with men, and he will dwell with them. And they shall be his people; and God himself with them shall be their God. [4] And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away. ”   

These are amazing promises! We will see God vis a vis, face to face, with no creature in between, as He really is! Also known as the Beatific Vision, seeing God face to face. All of this is great, BUT, it comes with a condition. We must cooperate with the graces He gives throughout our lives to the best of our ability, and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ through His Church. Of course we have free will, and God respects the gift that He has given us. If we “choose” to not die in a state of grace, then our souls will be lost forever, they will descend into the pits of hell and be tormented forever.

He brings us into His life with baptism, and leads us to eternal life with the help of His Sacraments and those that dispense those sacraments, the Catholic priests.  Where sacraments are dispensed, there are the priests!

This was just a very short catechesis on the Twelfth Article of the Apostles’ Creed, Life Everlasting, more will follow at some time, if God wills it!

ps     Please pray for priests everywhere

Please pray for the Pope

     May  Almighty God protect us from the world, the devil, the heretics, and ourselves!

        In  JM+JT,


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