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Well, I feel compelled to continue on this topic as it has so much importance especially in this day and age. As I pour through my resources on the First Article of the Apostles Creed, I feel a responsibility to make sure what I communicate to you is what could be described as the ” meat “, not just the milk. The resources I am primarily using for this part of my blog I must note: Marian Catechist textbooks always, The Catholic Catechism by Servant of God Father John Hardon SJ, and also My Catholic Faith by Most Reverend Louis LaRavoire Morrow, DD and of course The Holy Bible, I prefer the Douay-Rheims translation. The last book I mentioned, My Catholic Faith is an excellent beginner Catechism and beautifully put together with some beautiful old art, which I have come to love. Before we get to the next topic of The First Article, I also want to suggest a book on The Trinity that has really enriched and elevated my personal relationship with The Blessed Trinity. That book is “The Spiritual Doctrine  of Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity. ” This spiritual doctrine of hers has helped change my prayer life for the better  to incorporate the Trinity especially through mental prayer.


( Gen 1:1 )  ” In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”  Indeed, He did. God created the world out of no existent material, ex nihlo, out of nothing. This is not a theory, this is a fact , and how do we know? Because God Himself has revealed this to us through Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Not only that, but so many of the brightest scientific minds, are coming to the conclusion through their studies that  Someone is intimately involved in the mechanics of our universe. Really? We know that, and we know without a doubt it is God. Because of Gods love, He chose to create the world to share something of His own perfection with us. Also to be noted, time began with the creation of the world, therefore God created the world in time, as time is also a measure in change.

By Gods complete freedom He chose to create the world we live in, however, He didn’t have to create this world at all, He could have created a different one if He chose to. His creation also cannot add or subtract anything from Our God, who is Infinitely Perfect in Complete Fullness. Therefore it is a completely gratuitous action on Gods part, so we owe Him adoration, praise and thanksgiving through prayer and deed at all times. Also to be noted EVERYTIME a child is conceived, God creates a soul ex nihlo, out of nothing , and immediately unites the soul with the body prepared for it by the parents.( Jer 1:5 ) “Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb,”

Upcoming posts will be on Divine Providence closely followed by Angels: Good and Bad,  see you soon. Feel free to comment or ask questions. We are just brushing the surface for now, but I believe it is important to start with the basics. And remember, yes it is extremely important to learn about God, but it is just as important to really get to know God, through prayer and deed. And the highest form of prayer is The Holy Mass. ” Don’t just say the Mass, Pray The Mass! ”





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