Rosary Crusade

Today, Sept 15 on this Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and the Seven Sorrows of Mary let us join together between Noon and 3 pm and storm Heaven with prayer and roses four our Most Immaculate Mother!

fatima rosary

Rosary Crusade

  Today we will all pray for peace in the World, an end to abortion, and a return to moral values throughout our countries and communities. Believe me, Our Mother is listening and with us ! Let us unite within the Mystical Body of Christ and the Church and pray one the powerful prayers in existence. Many thousands have responded and replied to the call for a Rosary Crusade! Will you join us?

 Right now we are in a battle for our very souls and lives, I kid you not! The Rosary is the most powerful weapon that we have for hand to hand combat with the enemy. Imagine thousands armed with Rosaries united in prayer! We know that Jesus already won the war, but we still have battles to be fought in the here and now! Join us brothers and sisters! We fight for the salvation of souls! We have Jesus and His Most Immaculate Mother leading the charge into battle ; how glorious to fight along side the King and queen of Heaven! We will pray and fight!

      In JM+JT,


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