Why is the Church Called Catholic?

Why is the Church Called Catholic ?

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Why is the Church called Catholic?

 Many people outside and within the Church do not know the answer to the question, ” Why is the Church called Catholic ? “. Catholic simply means Universal. The Catholicity or Universality of the Church is the third mark of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. Remember that the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ must have all four of these marks, and there can only be One !

 The Church is called Catholic because it is spread all throughout the World. We even have parishes on all Continents and even  in Antarctica ! Here are a couple pics from Antarctica, so cool, lol, literally!

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   The Church was first called Catholic in  in the letter from St Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, written about 107 AD. In the Catechetical Discourses of St. Cyril of Jerusalem, the name “Catholic Church” is used to distinguish it from other groups that also call themselves the Church.

 The main point that needs to be made is that the Catholic Church is God’s chosen instrument to deliver salvation to men and women of the World. The Catholic Church herself is the guardian and protector of the deposit of faith, handed down to the apostles’ from Jesus Christ and in turn protected by the Popes and the Bishops under him. The fullness of Divine Revelation ( Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture ) including the Sacraments all reside within the Catholic Church’s fold. Pay Attention ! Main Point here : Nothing more is needed for our salvation, except of course, for our full participation with the grace that is offered in and through the Church!

  All humanity are called to join the Catholic Church. We do not discriminate against race, colour, ethnicity, culture, or sexual orientation …. all are welcome! The Catholic Church is also known as the Universal Sacrament of Salvation.

 One more point must be emphasized, there are other denominations that claim the name “Catholic“. These other groups, denominations, or sects may even look and act very Catholic. However, unless these groups are under the Pope and the local Bishop of the diocese in which they reside, they are only “Catholic” in name. Some of these groups or societies may even have valid orders and rites, but they are acting illegally without proper permissions from local authorities under Rome.

    May Almighty God Bless you and protect you from the World, the devil, and ourselves!

        In JM+JT,


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  2. Mark

    Sexual orientation please explain because if I read it as I think you intend this goes against everything I was taught at RC school & more importantly RC priests & a Bishop.


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