Please Help Iraqi Christians!!! Caution, Graphic Images!!!

The Work of Satan and his henchmen the Muslim group ISIS

 ISIS man marries 7 year old

A member of ISIS who just found his new, absolutely terrified 7 yr old Bride. Can anyone who has children or not, even imagine this? Some of these ISIS fighters are from our very own backyards in Ontario Canada!!! It won’t be long before ISIS visits here, they need to be stopped!!!!! Please call members of government and plead with them to help these brothers and sisters of ours!!

Prayer and fasting followed by real action is called for!!!

curdistani Catholics kneeling in broken church

WARNING !!!!!!   These next couple of  pics are very graphic but need to be seen!!!!!!!!


curdistani__dead child Twitter

Yes, that poor little girl has had her head cut off by the followers of mohammed….God have Mercy on us all!!!

Obviously whoever made it this far in this blog literally gets the picture. This work of satan and his army are here on this earth NOW!!!! Yes, they are here NOW!!! We need to take action, yes by prayer and fasting and sacrifice money and more if necessary.

The best Aid agency I have found to date with boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria is

Dear Friend,

About a month ago, I wrote to you about the terrified Christians of Iraq — trapped between the armed extremists of ISIS and Iraqi government forces. Many people responded with extreme generosity. If you were among them, I thank you very much for your donation.

But I’ve received alarming new reports from our regional staff. The nightmare was only just beginning. As ISIS escalates its rampage of hate, thousands of families have now been forced to run for their lives. You can help them by clicking here.

Last night, the Iraqi town of Qaraqosh fell to ISIS,
and more than 100,000 Christians are fleeing in terror.
That’s right, 100,000 Christians. Patriarch Louis Raphael I of the Chaldean Catholic Church shared that it is “an exodus… Christians are walking on foot in Iraq’s searing summer heat towards the Kurdish cities… They are facing a human catastrophe and risk a real genocide.”

Local sisters, priests and religious workers are scrambling to provide shelter. Local villagers are struggling to provide food and water. But it just isn’t enough.

Most of these Christians are women, children or elderly.
And ISIS wants to expel or destroy them all.
Right this minute, Iraq’s Christian families face absolute annihilation. Yes, they’re in our prayers. But they need more: the strongest support we can give.

Any contribution you can make will help CNEWA
ease the suffering of these frightened families.
So please send your gift now by clicking here.
Pope Francis appeals “to the international community to take initiatives to put an end to the humanitarian drama underway… to ensure the necessary aid for so many displaced people whose fate depends on the solidarity of others.”

What will happen next? I’m afraid we’ll soon find out. But with your support, CNEWA will walk with these courageous Christians. Whatever happens and wherever they go.

Remember: The help you give today could mean the difference between life and death for these families.

Thank you and God bless you,

Carl Hétu
National Director
CNEWA Canada

P.S. Please forward this urgent email to your family and friends.

Donate HERE to support Iraq’s Christians and their neighbours
Donate HERE to support CNEWA’s work worldwide
ps. Catechesis will be back very soon
Jesus please we beg you ,have mercy on us!!!
Mary Queen of Peace, pray for us!!!
St Pius X pray for us!!!

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