Month: November 2014

For the Greater Praise of Glory!

St Ignatius  of  Loyola’s  Spiritual  Exercises

st ignatius da vinci

  I just thought I would quickly check in to the site to let anyone who actually reads the site know that I am still very much alive. I am currently on Day 12 out of 30 days of the Spiritual Exercises. The exercises can be very challenging at times, and emotions run from extreme sense of consolation, to the other end of the dark night of desolation. This was to be expected, so I am grateful for the heads up. The devil definitely doesn’t want me finishing these exercises, this I am certain of. My family and myself are under attack. He has already tried throwing more than a few wrenches at our heads in the last few days. I ask you once again for your prayers, for my family, and myself, as I continue to take the spiritual exercises.I have received so much grace in these last 12 days, and I know it is a result of other peoples prayers, your prayers. I and my family thank you. I am also praying for you. May Almighty God protect us from the world, the devil, and ourselves!

          In  JM+JT,


     For the Greater Praise of Glory!

Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

St  Ignatius’  Spiritual  Exercises


    For the next 25 days I will be continuing to take part in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. Therefore I will be in retreat for the most part. So please excuse my absence. One of the pre-requisites for becoming a Consecrated Marian Catechist is taking part in the 30 day Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. It is a great grace to have this opportunity to do so. It seems in Gods Divine Providence that He would grace me with this opportunity through a physical injury and loss of employment at this time. It is not exactly the way that I would have preferred to do the exercises, but what do I know. I thank Him, and I trust in His will for me and my family. He has something planned for sure, and this is just part of that plan. Thank you Jesus for this amazing opportunity !

   Please keep my family and myself in your prayers as I go through these spiritual exercises. My wife and children are very much apart of my being able to take this time to spend with our Lord. I want to thank my wife for helping to make this possible, I know it is a sacrifice. Thank you all for your prayers and patience. I promise I will be back in the next week or so with some faithful Catechesis.

         In   JM+JT,


    ps ;   one of the  “creatures   I gave up in was reading Catholic Blogs and news, and I am so glad I did.